Drone based inspections & monitoring

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How it works

Using our state-of-the-art drone technology, we can offer aerial inspection & monitoring for a host of applications. Suited specifically for industrial and agricultural industries. We can monitor limited access areas, quickly and safely, and record key areas. Some of our work will include inspecting roofing material, windows and electrics at height – to inspecting building damage during and after a structurally compromising fire – to monitoring large areas of agricultural land or crop.

Using a combination of photography, video and thermal imagery.

Drone based mapping & 4D imaging

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How it works

Using our drones along with sophisticated software, we can quickly map large areas for surveying, or reference. Once compiled, the projects will allow our clients easy use of tools for accurate measurement of length, area or volume of various land mass and structures. To complement this, we can instruct our drones to take specific imagery that enabled us to render 4D models of structures that allow full viewing angles, 360 panning as well as measurement tools.

4D Imagery is a revolutionary service that gives your projects a whole new dimension.

Drone based photography & video

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How it works

Create iconic images of your business and life with our aerial photography. We can create distinctive and high quality promotional images from the sky. Perfect for functions, business portfolios or promotional material. Using our high quality 4K video camera we can provide you with truly breath-taking footage for your needs. With various setups we can work to your instruction, providing free-flight or structured flight plan videos.

Stun your audience with your featured flight filmography. Such as – following a moving target, orbiting around a fixed point, zip-line passed your subject. All in High Quality 4K. .

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What makes it unique?


Faster than ever thanks to live image analysis and real time data processing.


Modern technology in everyone’s service.


Automated and easily reproduced GPS based trajectories.